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Webinar: A Roadmap to Better Communication with Your Partner After Kids

During pregnancy, we spend so much time preparing for baby. Creating registries, researching the best strollers and products and daycares. We prepare ourselves for labor and the newborn stage, and concede to the fact that we will not be getting as much sleep as we are used to. But pregnancy and labor are finite, there is an end. Your baby waking up every 2 hours at night is finite. Parenting, and how your relationship changes with your partner is forever. And we don’t prepare ourselves enough during pregnancy for this, and are often times left feeling resentful and frustrated with our spouse.

In this webinar, we will address the source of this resentment and how to change that feeling into something more positive to better the relationship between you and your partner. We will also give you a clear roadmap with strategies for communicating with your partner in a way that doesn’t leave either one of you feeling frustrated or alone, but instead supported and happy.

Cost: $20

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