Sleep Consultation

Get the sleep you and your baby need with expert help from a pediatric Nurse Practitioner specializing in newborn sleep behaviors.


Are you suffering from sleep deprivation because your baby or toddler is not sleeping through the night? Have you been co-sleeping, or has your baby been sleeping somewhere other than her crib? Our pediatric Nurse Practitioner will walk you through a customized action plan including one or more sleep techniques.


What to Expect: Our Process

We conduct all sleep consults by phone with our Pediatric Nurse Practitioner with over 10 years of experience. She will work with you and your family to customize a plan that meets your specific needs and goals. The consults are set up as a series of two phone calls and one day of texting for a fee of $299 (applies to all age groups listed below).

  • Initial call: Up to 1 hour and will include the creation of a customized plan.

  • Follow-up call*: Up to 30 minutes for follow-up questions, concerns and to evaluate how the plan is working.

* The follow-up call should be used within 2 weeks of your initial call.



Customized Sleep Support

Your child’s sleep needs, habits and routines will naturally vary by age. We offer sleep consults customized to three age groups to target our recommendations not only to your situation, but to your child’s development stage:

0-12 Weeks:

My baby is a newborn and I want to establish a routine and healthy sleep habits.

  • Develop a regular feeding schedule during the day by breast or bottle

  • Understand normal awake windows and sleep cycles for this age

  • Learn how to capture sleep cycles and avoid an overtired baby

  • Receive tips for troubleshooting an overtired baby

  • Establish a routine to promote healthy sleep cycles for this age and achieve longer stretches of sleep overnight

12-24 Weeks:

My baby does not have a regular bedtime and has trouble napping during the day.

  • Set and structure a firm bedtime window

  • Create a regular bedtime routine

  • Teach baby how to fall asleep on their own at bedtime

  • Lengthen sleep stretches overnight so baby is only getting up 1-2 times, if at all

  • Understand normal awake windows and sleep cycles for this age

  • Get baby napping one time a day in their crib and improve nap length

24+ Weeks:

My baby does not have a bedtime, wakes up frequently overnight and is not napping well during the day.

  • Set a consistent and firm bedtime routine,

  • Help baby learn to self soothe and fall asleep on their own and either sleep through the night or only feed once

  • Understand calories and intakes and determine when to start solid foods for better sleep

  • Learn about normal awake windows and sleep cycles for this age

  • Set up and identify when naps should happen and lengthen daytime naps in the crib


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