Pre-Baby Bootcamp

Bring your partner or support person and join us for hands-on workshops, community-building and comprehensive instruction. Our bootcamp program combines our three most popular childbirth and parenting classes into an immersive, full-day experience:

Labor & Delivery | Breastfeeding Basics | Newborn Essentials

We only hold 1 bootcamp every quarter, so please plan ahead for your due date!

We had taken a childbirth class at our doctor’s office and it was very technical, and frankly, a little terrifying. My husband and I had a great time at the Baby Bootcamp. We learned a ton and feel like it did a wonderful job of filling in a lot of the gaps in our knowledge and we just feel a lot more confident now - thank you so much!
— Lena G. | Brookline


What to Expect

Class Duration: 9 hours (8-5 p.m.)
$325 (Price includes 1 support person and lunch.)
Location: St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center in Brighton

Taught by a Labor and Delivery Registered Nurse.

You will be grouped with parents who have a due date close to yours, so you can meet and create relationships. You will also have the opportunity to browse offerings from local vendors and service providers who cater to the needs of growing families.

All attendees leave with resources to connect with Boston NAPS and other event attendees online and through Facebook, so the new baby education, community, and support you receive will continue to your due date.

Topics include:

Labor & Delivery

  • Pregnancy discomforts and remedies

  • Routine pregnancy testing by your doctor or midwife

  • Preparing for labor and knowing when to call your doctor

  • Contraction patterns and breathing techniques

  • Natural childbirth

  • Pain management options during labor

  • Vaginal deliveries and cesarean sections

  • Recovering after delivery

Breastfeeding Basics

  • The first hour of life after delivery

  • Skin-to-skin contact with your baby after delivery and beyond

  • Initiating and sustaining a successful latch

  • Positioning your baby during breastfeeding

  • What to expect with poops and pees from a breastfed baby

  • Pumping and safe storage of breast milk

  • When to bottle feed or supplement for your baby

Newborn Essentials

  • Feeding your baby, diapering your baby and bathing your baby

  • Soothing your baby with the 5 S's

  • Normal newborn behaviors

  • Newborn sleep cycle

  • Newborn feeding patterns and ways to feed (breastfeeding vs. bottle feeding)

  • Newborn safety, screening and vaccinations

  • Car seat safety


Emily and Jamie run a thorough, professional program... It gives you that last confidence injection you need before the big day. Definitely impressed, definitely exceeded expectations.
— Chris M. | Boston