Parenting Classes


Take care of your baby or toddler like a pro.

Our comprehensive classes and workshops cover everything you need to know to take care of your newborn. We go beyond the basics of diapering and feeding to explain the science behind newborn behaviors. We believe if you understand why your baby is crying or fussy, you can tailor your response to their needs and build stronger connections.


Pre-Baby Bootcamp

This comprehensive program is a full-day of hands-on prenatal classes, workshops, and community building for parents-to-be (includes lunch). We group parents together with similar due dates to help you build relationships. This course is taught at St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center and includes lunch.

Cost: $325


Newborn Essentials

Feel completely prepared to bring your newborn home. This 2-hour class covers basics such as how to change a diaper and bathe a newborn as well as more advanced topics such as newborn behaviors and sleep cycles. Taught by a Postpartum Registered Nurse at St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center, our South Boston Studio or in the privacy of your home.

Cost: $100 (group class) $220 (private session)


Infant & Child CPR

Learn how to perform CPR on an infant or child, as well as how to respond to choking and administer basic first-aid for cuts, burns and allergic reactions. This 2-hour class is taught by a BLS-certified Registered Nurse at multiple Boston locations or privately in your home.

Cost: $100 (group class) $220 (private session)


Breastfeeding Basics

This 90-minute class prepares you for breastfeeding your newborn. It is a valuable opportunity to discuss initiating breastfeeding, various feeding positions, skin-to-skin contact, and ensuring a successful latch. Classes are held at St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center as well as our South Boston Studio.

Cost: $75 (group class) $200 (private session)


Carseat Checks & Installation

Schedule a home visit from our nationally certified Child Passenger Safety Technician (CPST). We will check your car seat(s) and help with installation or reinstallation.

Cost: $150


The Sleep Clinic

This 90-minute class covers healthy sleeping habits and troubleshooting tips for infants up to 4 months. Taught by our pediatric Nurse Practitioner.

Cost: $60 (individual) $75 (couple)


Mindful Meals for Mamas

Learn how to fuel and appreciate your post-baby body by planning, preparing and finding time for nutritious meals throughout the day.

Cost: $60


Pump, Pump, Pump It Up

Learn how and when to begin pumping, strategies to increase supply, best practices for storing breastmilk and more. This 90-minute class is held at our South Boston Studio.

Cost: $60


FREE Breastfeeding
Support Group

A free drop-in support group for women and their families currently breastfeeding, pumping and/or bottle feeding.



Dads on Duty

This 75-minute class is designed especially for dads who want to take a more active role caring for their newborn. We combine honest discussion with hands-on learning to cover the basics of newborn care.

Cost: $40


Starting Solids

Learn when and how to introduce solids for your baby, as well as the best “first foods” to choose. This 90-minute class is taught by our integrative functional Dietician.

Cost: $60 (individual) $75 (couple)


Supporting Sibling Relationships

Participants will learn simple and concrete strategies for minimizing conflicts and suggestions on how to foster loving and life-long relationships between siblings. This workshop is appropriate for families with children 0 - 7 years.

Cost: $60 (individual) $75 (couple)


Peaceful Parenting for Toddlers and Preschoolers

This evening workshop introduces parents to the Peaceful Parenting approach. The workshop teaches participants how to apply the approach in real-life to better manage parental challenges such as temper tantrums, aggressive behaviors, (not) sharing and whining.

Cost: $60 (individual) $75 (couple)