Newborn Care


Our in-home visits and custom consultations put you back in control.

Need help with breastfeeding, or getting your infant to sleep? What about getting some sleep yourself? We match Registered Nurses with our clients who not only help you tackle newborn challenges, but create customized action plans for you to follow. If you need daytime or overnight care, you can feel confident trusting your newborn not just to a caretaker, but to an RN who treats the home visit like an overnight hospital shift.


Daytime & Overnight Care

Everybody needs a break — most of all new parents. Schedule a Boston NAPS nurse during the day so you can shower, run errands or even just take a nap. We also provide overnight care to moms who need a full night of sleep. Our team consists of seasoned professionals, all of whom are at least Registered Nurses.


Lactation Consultations

Schedule a private, in-home visit from one of our lactation specialists. We help you improve your baby’s latch, increase milk transfer and troubleshoot common problems. You will receive a customized action plan for you and your baby addressing your questions and concerns. This 1-hour visit is with a Registered Nurse who is also a Certified Lactation Counselor.

Some health insurance companies reimburse for lactation visits.


Sleep Consultations

Get the sleep you need after from a phone consult with a pediatric Nurse Practitioner who specializes in newborn sleep behaviors. Whether you need help transitioning your infant to the crib or getting him/her to sleep through the night, we work with you to understand your family’s unique situation and develop a customized plan. Includes text support.


Bottle Training & Support

This visit is offered to families whose infants are having difficulty transitioning from the breast to the bottle, or for those infants refusing to take a bottle. Work with a Registered Nurse who will observe a feeding session and offer guidance, demonstrate proper techniques and create a custom plan for successful and sustainable bottle feeding.