Mom & Baby Classes


Babies always welcome at our fitness classes.

While you focus on your newborn’s needs, we want to make sure you fit in that very important “me time.” There’s no need to find childcare to enjoy exercise and relaxation. Our Mom & Baby classes seamlessly combine workouts tailored to your postpartum body’s needs with baby bonding.


Moms’ Survival Guide

Come meet other mothers who have a baby the same age as yours. Whether you are a new or experienced mom, we cover a new topic every week and encourage you to support each other as women and mothers. Class meets as a 4- or 6-week series.

Cost: $115-150


Mom & Baby Music

We offer two versions of this popular class tailored to your baby’s developmental stage: 0-5 months and 6-12 months. At a younger age, we focus on tummy time and sensory stimulation, and then move on to balance, social interaction and movement. It’s a great opportunity to bond with your baby and meet other moms.

Cost: $22


Infant Massage

In this class, your instructor will guide you through a simple, sequential baby massage stroking routine, incorporating both Indian and Swedish massage, plus some Reflexology and Reiki.

Cost: $90 (3-week series)


Baby & Me Sign

The ability to communicate before talking with sign language can dramatically reduce the frustration that parents and babies experience when communication is difficult.

Cost: $100 (6-week series)


B.Y.O.B. Barre

It’s Bring Your Own Baby to Barre! You haven’t experienced barre until you’ve performed the movements wearing your kiddo in a carrier! Get your sweat on, bond with your child and meet other moms as our instructor focuses on toning and stretching with techniques safe for postpartum moms.

Cost: $22


Mamas with Movers

Chasing your toddler around the house may feel like a workout, but it’s not always the fitness routine you have in mind. Bring your toddler along and let them enjoy a playdate with other little ones while you and the other moms get a great total body workout.

Cost: $22


Fit for Babe

Get a total body workout with dumbbells, bands and your own body weight in a baby-friendly class that keeps your little one right with you. (For safety, please no crawlers or walkers for this class.)

Cost: $22


Little Yogi & Me

Bring your yoga mat AND your baby to this interactive class. This 45-minute program incorporates poses and movements that involve your baby in the action. Our instructors focus on the bond between mom & baby while creating a supportive, safe and judgement-free atmosphere.

Cost: $22


FREE Breastfeeding
Support Group

A free drop-in support group for women and their families currently breastfeeding, pumping and/or bottle feeding.