Lactation Consultation


Enjoy customized support in the comfort of your own home from a Registered Nurse and Certified Lactation Counselor. Boston NAPS offers a variety of customized visits offering breastfeeding support, pumping education and even newborn care.

We customize every private session to address your primary needs and concerns, whether it’s improving your latch and breastfeeding technique or a longer visit with tips for soothing, bathing and sleeping.  

I cannot recommend Boston NAPS enough! Their support and expertise during the first couple months home with my infant was invaluable. After leaving the hospital, I had little confidence in my breastfeeding future. But after two visits with Boston NAPS I got the knowledge and confidence I needed to successfully feed my daughter.

Lactation & Newborn Support

What to Expect

Consult with a Registered Nurse who is a Certified Lactation Counselor. We design a customized session for you to discuss your specific needs. Your visit may include one or more of the following:

Lactation support:

  • Observing a feeding

  • Suggestions for improved latch and positioning to ensure your baby is getting as much milk as possible

  • Pre- and post-feed weight to evaluate how much breastmilk your baby is getting

  • Customized plan for reaching your breastfeeding goals

Pumping education:

  • Overview and assembly of pump and its parts

  • Proper fitting of phalanges to your breasts and nipples

  • Instruction on cleaning the pump and its parts

  • Introduction to pumping schedules

  • Overview of safely handling and storing breast milk

Newborn care:

  • Overview of newborn behaviors and healthy feeding and sleeping schedules

  • When and how to introduce a pacifier

  • Hands-on practice with bathing, swaddling and soothing

  • Opportunity to discuss your newborn questions with a Registered Nurse in your home

Initial Consult (up to 2hrs): $285

Follow-Up Consult (up to 90min): $235

Lactation Consult Request Form

How to Book: Please complete our Lactation Consult Request Form below and a Boston NAPS staff member will be in touch with you shortly to book your appointment.


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