Daytime & Overnight Infant Care

Practice the ultimate self-care by scheduling a Boston NAPS nurse to expertly care for your newborn. We only staff daytime and overtime care with Registered Nurses, many of whom are also lactation specialists. We believe in providing the highest quality of care possible from medical professionals. You can feel confident leaving your newborn with a qualified expert with real experience.


Daytime Care

Parents may schedule daytime care with Boston NAPS to get time for themselves or work with an expert for newborn advice.

You may use your scheduled session to complete chores, run errands, attend an appointment or just relax.

Some parents also schedule these sessions for help with breast or bottle feedings, reassurance of normal newborn behaviors and other support. A daytime visit from a Boston NAPS nurse gives you the opportunity to ask questions and voice concerns about your postpartum recovery process and your new baby’s development, and have these questions and concerns addressed by a trained medical professional.


Overnight Care

Overnight care helps exhausted parents sleep for eight consecutive hours. Whether you just need to rest, need to catch an early flight or have a big presentation at work, an overnight session with a Boston NAPS nurse gives you a night off bedtime and feeding duty.

Your Boston NAPS nurse never sleeps during your visit. Our team treats these sessions like a night shift at a hospital. You can retire for the night knowing that your baby is in the care of a seasoned professional with experience caring for infants. During the night, your NAPS Nurse can give the baby a bottle (we encourage you to pump in anticipation of getting a good night’s sleep) or assist you with breastfeeding. We then change, burp and soothe your baby back to sleep.

I HIGHLY recommend Boston NAPS to all new parents, and especially parents of preemies or newborns who need any type of special care and attention. Jamie O’Day and the Boston NAPS nurses have been amazing while helping me care for my preemie newborn son since we brought him home from the NICU in early November 2017. My son is thriving, in part, because of their care, and knowing he’s being cared for by professional nurses allows me to truly relax, get much-needed sleep, and/or get errands done.

Get Started

We always begin with a 30-minute phone call with clients interested in daytime or overnight nursing support. It allows us to better understand your specific needs and recommend the best format, nursing team member and services for you and your baby.

How to Book: Please complete our Informational Call Request Form below and a Boston NAPS staff member will be in touch with you shortly to book your call with one of our founders.


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