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Boston NAPS is the most qualified provider of prenatal education and postnatal support services in the Boston region.  Since we hold our team to the highest standards, our clients enjoy seamless, experienced, evidence-based care that empowers them as parents.  We have created a sense of community that helps women feel supported from the moment they begin their pregnancy.

As nurses, and as mothers ourselves, we understand the unique challenges employees and employers alike encounter when it comes to decisions related to career choices. With this unique knowledge in mind, we created a corporate program to help employees make these tough decision, while also helping companies create an environment to retain their female employees. (Read more about our unmatched expertise in the Greater Boston area: Why Boston NAPS?)


Achieve better health outcomes after birth

Our evidence-based program, which is fully customizable, is geared toward better supporting women and their families during pregnancy and after birth. Stronger support during pregnancy and after birth results in:

  • Better health outcomes

  • Greater retention of talent

  • Improved workplace morale

  • Massive financial savings for companies

Improve retention of female employees

Companies are facing substantial losses in both time and money by not retaining talented female employees to their current position or at all after giving birth, because the proper support systems are not in place for their employees.

As nurses and mothers ourselves, we created this program after countless conversations with new moms sharing concerns about the current corporate culture in our society. Our program includes in-home visits for Daytime/Overnight Care with a Registered Nurse, Lactation Consults (including pumping education), Sleep Consults and Bottle Training. These support services help new moms heal after birth, practice better self-care and feel more prepared to transition back to work.



Comprehensive prenatal and postpartum support

Our comprehensive program includes childbirth and parenting classes during pregnancy, peer support groups and 1:1 education and counseling after birth.

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