Pregnancy Prep: Due Date

Congratulations! You are in the home stretch. You are probably experiencing the full range of emotions, from excitement to perhaps even nervousness or fear. All of that is normal as you prepare for childbirth and bringing your newborn home.

When you have a baby here in the U.S., you transition from having a lot of support in the hospital to return home on your own. In many other countries around the globe, it’s typical for a nurse to visit you at home to see how you and your baby are doing!

At Boston NAPS, our goal is to be an extension of the support that you receive in the hospital, providing expert, personalized care and education in the comfort of your own home. Book a Newborn Essentials class so you feel taken care of and confident during your first days at home with your new baby.

Pro Tips for Your First Days at Home with Your Newborn

How often should I breastfeed?

Your newborn will need to feed about every 2-3 hours once he is born. While breastfeeding is a wonderful experience, it can be challenging and takes lots of practice. We offer in-home, private lactation consultations. We recommend making an appointment while you are still in the hospital; we can come to your home within the first 24-48 hours after you are out of the hospital.  

You should aim to breastfeed around 10-12 times in a 24 hour period. To help with nipple soreness, avoid feeding your baby more frequently than every 60-90 minutes (when possible) and use a lanolin cream on chapped nipples.  If your baby is breastfeeding exclusively you should give your baby Vitamin D drops (400 IU) daily. This can be done by dropping it onto your nipple before a feed.

If I’m not breastfeeding, what formula should I use?

If you plan to bottle feed, for most infants a milk-based formula that is iron-fortified is best.  You can mix your formula with tap water, as it contains fluoride to help keep the teeth developing beneath your baby’s gums healthy.