Pregnancy Prep: 28 Weeks

Here’s arguably the most important thing you can do during your third trimester (outside of having your car seat installed or checked by a professional): Create a “village.”

We are firm believers in the age-old saying “it takes a village” especially as it relates to being pregnant and having a baby. A good friend once told us to write down on a sticky note the names of the 3 (or more) people who you can turn to for good, sound advice. Create this community now, of people you know and trust, who will be there for you as your sounding board now and after your baby is born. This can be a family member, friend, or team of healthcare professionals like us. Identify who they are now, establish that relationship with them (especially if it is a new relationship) and reach out to them when you need them most. People who thrive have support networks. And the time to work on your support network is before you need it.

People are going to be giving you a lot of advice. Boston NAPS offers a unique perspective: All this advice you receive is likely well-intended, but our mission is to help you find processes that are right for you and your family and to help you feel confident in your parenting decisions. We want you to be so confident, that you can guiltlessly say “No thank you” (either in your head, or out loud) to parenting advice that doesn’t work for you or seems condescending.

Fun Fact: While you are dreaming about your baby, did you know your baby may be dreaming about you too? Research at this gestational age that looked at brain wave activity measured in a developing fetus showed different sleep cycles, including what we call rapid eye movement phase, which is the stage when dreaming occurs.  

We said that having your village is the most important thing you can do, second to having your infant car seat professional installed or checked by a professional. If you live in the greater Boston area, consider booking a Carseat Safety Check with our nationally certified Child Passenger Safety Technician (CPST)

Nancy Stewart