Boston NAPS Ultimate Baby Gift Guide


We have talked to many moms, helped many families put together their registry list, and have seen countless happy babies rockin' the gifts from our list. 

We've put together a list of the top 12 items for you, or someone you love, cannot be without!

  1. Zutano Newborn Baby Booties –  Losing baby socks because you cannot seem to get them to stay on our active babies can be frustrating. This unique design, with two snap buttons, is the perfect solution.  They also come in many fun colors and cute patterns. 

  2. Boppy lounger – The perfect place for your baby to lounge as a newborn, and play as your baby grows! The fabric is soft and easy to wipe clean and the pillow is the perfect accessory to travel with or move from room to room, as a safe and comfortable place for your baby to relax. 

  3. Uppavista Stroller – This stroller is definitely one of the most popular on the market right now, especially for city living. Some of the best features are its lightweight design making it easy to navigate, fold up and store.  It comes with a bassinet and a front and rear facing infant seat. The rumble seat for toddlers is now made for both front and rear facing, making the 2015 model the best for more than one child.  The best part is, you can add up to 3 kids with skate board as well. It also has a large storage basket underneath, allowing for easy trips to the grocery store or a trip to the mall.  Add the drink holder and parent organizer for convenience as well. 

  4. Wubbanub – These are great pacifiers for self soothing for babies.  The wubbanub, in particular, is great because the weight of the animal makes it easy to keep the pacifier close to your newborn and then over time, as your baby grows, they are able to use the animal to control getting the pacifier in and out of the mouth.  Also, losing pacifiers can be frustrating and this unique design is easy to find in a crowded diaper bag.  Oh, and they’re cute!

  5. i Play summer hat – This brimmed hat is perfect for summer. Not only is the fabric UPF 50+ protection, but also it has an adjustable draw string to fit your baby's head perfect, as well as a chin tie, and neck flap.

  6. Oball Rattle – These rattles have lots of tiny holes in them making them easy to grab and fun to play with.  Stimulate your baby’s motor skills, sight, and sound with this cute toy! Check out all of the toys made by oball including their balls, teething toys, rattles and roll cars that can be used from birth through your child's toddler years. 

  7. Honest diapers – This is a great, all natural company, and their diapers are especially poplar.  They are eco-friendly, super absorbent and just plain adorable with all of the colors and patterns they come in.  The natural material helps prevent diaper burn/rash and the company also allows you to sign up for free samples. 

  8. Pottery Barn Chamois changing pad and crib sheets – These crib  and changing pad sheets are so soft and durable. Any baby would love to lay on this material while they sleep or while you change their diaper. They are great because stains are easily removed and the fabric never looses its softness no matter how many times you wash it!

  9. Baby Bjorn bouncer balance chair with toy bar – This chair is the perfect natural bouncer.  It has three settings that are easy to adjust from an upright bouncer to a reclined sleep position.  It also lays completely flat for easy storage and travel. Add the wooden toy bar to keep your active baby busy and entertained. 

  10. Ubbi diaper pail – This diaper pail is great because it is made of steel and really works for odor control of stinky, dirty diapers. The lid is easy to open and close and you can use any standard trash bag liner inside the can, which makes life that much easier.  They also come in 13 different colors to make your nursery more stylish.

  11. Mustella 2 in 1 Hair and Body Wash – Try not to get addicted to the smell of your baby after a bath with this hair and body wash! It is a tear-free cleanser and is safe and gentle for your newborn.  It is also quite convenient to have the 2-1 feature, especially for travel.

  12. Dohm Sound Machine - This product is great to use form birth throughout life. It's perfect to introduce as a newborn because it mimics the loud, deep toned, constant noise that babies are used to from being in the womb. This also sets the mood for sleep when turned on, and is a great indicator to babies and toddlers that it's nap or bedtime and can easily become part of your sleep routine. 

Can you add to this list? What are some other things you and your babe absolutely cannot live without? Share the knowledge!