Birth Classes


Get ready for labor and delivery with Boston NAPS

Collectively, our team of Registered Labor and Delivery nurses have helped thousands of women welcome babies into the world. Our courses prepare you for as many variables as possible — from relaxation techniques for natural childbirth to even delivering twins and triplets. Almost all of our birth classes are also available as a private, 1:1 session taught in the privacy of your own home.


Labor & Delivery Prep Class

This 3-hour course includes education, conversation and hands-on demonstration for labor and delivery, as well as ways your partner can support you through labor. Group course is held at St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center. Taught by a Registered Nurse.

Cost: $150 (group class) $325 (private session)


Childbirth for Multiples

This comprehensive, private, 3-hour class helps families with the pregnancy and birthing process for twins and triplets. Taught by a Labor & Delivery Registered Nurse.

Cost: $325


Natural Childbirth Class

Master relaxation techniques from breathing and massage to acupressure and hydrotherapy. Feel empowered and prepared for a natural labor and delivery.

Cost: $325


Fit for Birth

This fitness workshop for expecting moms guides you through a full-body workout that’s tailored to you and your developing baby. Get tools to take home for exercising more effectively and safely.