Bellies, Breathing & Birth

Prepare for labor and delivery with facilitated yoga exercises and breathing instruction to reduce stress, increase circulation and improve posture. Get ready for labor, delivery and beyond with a class that equips you with techniques you can continue to use after the class ends.


What to Expect

Class Duration: 75 minutes
Cost: $40
Location: South Boston Studio

Taught by a yoga instructor and licensed mental health counselor. Boston NAPS Registered Nurse will facilitate Q&A session .

Topics include:

  • Demonstration of and guidance through yoga postures and breathing exercises that promote health and wellness during pregnancy and labor

  • Use of breathing through each posture to reduce stress, increase circulation and prepare for labor

  • Instruction on anchoring tools to guide focus, concentration and mindfulness throughout labor

  • Dedicated 15-minute open discussion led by expert nurse(s) specializing in prenatal, newborn and postpartum care