Potty Training Consultation

Our nursing team can help you and your toddler with potty training


Our pediatric nurse practitioner will work with you and your family to come up with a custom plan for potty training your toddler. We can work with you to create a plan for when you want to initiate potty training. Or, if you have already started potty training, we can address any concerns or help to resolve any problems you have encountered during potty training.

Our pediatric nurse practitioner has helped countless families initiate and trouble shoot potty training questions and concerns, and can help ease this process for you and your family. We know that not one child or family is alike, and will come up with a custom plan that is right for you and your family. 

The consult is set up as a series of two phone calls. The first is a 60-minute call, which will review your intake form, assess your child's readiness for potty training, address any questions or concerns related to potty training, and create a custom plan for your family. The 30-minute, follow up call will then take place within 2 weeks following your initial consult. One full day of texting is also included with your consult.