Baby Nursing & Newborn Care

View our extensive list of services to assist you once your little one is home.

Boston NAPS Services

Daytime Care

Daytime in-home visits by a Registered Nurse.

Care during daytime hours are designed to assist families with breast and/or bottle feedings, tummy time, identification and reassurance of normal newborn behaviors, bathing assistance, instruction of swaddling/soothing techniques, and much more! 

A daytime visit from one of our RNs also gives you the opportunity to ask questions and voice concerns about your postpartum recovery process and newborn transition and have these questions and concerns addressed by a trained medical professional.

Boston NAPS overnight care

Overnight/ Night Care

Overnight/Night time in-home visits by a Registered Nurse.

Schedule an overnight visit with one of our RNs who specializes in working with new and experienced mothers and newborns. Overnight visits consist of an RN coming to your home to aid in the process of you and your family getting a good night's sleep. 

The RN can either give the baby a bottle or assist with breastfeeding overnight, and then change, burp, and soothe your baby back to sleep. Give yourself and your household the gift of a good night's sleep knowing that your baby is being cared for by a trained medical professional.

Boston NAPS services

Skilled Nursing Care for the High Risk Newborn

Our group of highly trained nurses have the skills and knowledge base to work with any high risk baby requiring skilled nursing care.

Our nurses have worked with babies who have needed additional monitoring after being discharged home from the NICU, as well as babies with tracheostomies, nasogastric (NG) tubes, gastric (G) tubes, and cleft lip/palate, in addition to many other extraordinary circumstances. 

Our nurses can provide comfort, education, and the skilled care you and your baby need in order to create a safe and healthy environment for your growing baby.

Boston NAPS services

Bottle Training & Support

This visit is offered to families whose infants are having difficulty transitioning from the breast to the bottle, or for those infants refusing to take a bottle.

Work with an RN who will observe a feeding session and offer guidance, demonstrate proper techniques, and create a custom plan for successful and sustainable bottle feeding.

Boston NAPS services

Sleep Training Services

Get the help and sleep you need from our RN and mother.

Work with our Pediatric Nurse Practitioner and Sleep Specialist to assist you and your family with getting your infant or toddler to sleep through the night. This consulting service is all done by phone and starts with an initial phone call (about 45-60 minutes). At this time, our sleep specialist will gain information and knowledge about your specific challenges, discuss your expectations and goals, and then develop a custom plan, with which both you and your spouse are comfortable, in order to get your baby sleeping through the night. 

After a plan is put into place, our sleep specialist will then follow up with you with another phone call within 3-7 days. This call is designed for you to be able to ask any questions you may have and/or to troubleshoot any issues you may haveencountered. Additional support in your home or by phone is also available. Please contact us for more information and pricing. 

Boston NAPS services

Newborn Consulting

This visit is designed for parents to have an RN visit them during their first days or weeks home from the hospital.

Typically a 2 hour visit, it allows for hands on learning with your baby; including practicing a first bath, swaddling & soothing techniques, filing nails and much more! Parents often create a list of questions that they have, as the first week home is very new and exciting, but does come with many questions about normal newborn behaviors, feeding and sleeping schedules, developmental milestones, etc. This visit provides you with the opportunity to ask those questions to one of our RNs who specializes in newborn and infant care. 

Boston NAPS services

Parenting Support Groups

Support groups are a great way to meet new people, make friends, and get out of the house early and often with your baby.

This program is designed to create an environment of trust and companionship, with the guidance of newborn care specialist and mother, to support new and experienced families as they navigate through those first few weeks home with their baby.

This is a 6 week program focused on newborns age 2 - 12 weeks old. Discussion topics include: Health & Wellness, Sleep, Parenting & Working, Attachment & Relationships, and so much more!

Program cost is $135